Cease & Desist – Sarah, please acknowledge you have received this.

From: x,x,x,x,x,x,x.


To: Ms. Sarah
Chilliwack, BC

MAY 21, 2014

RE: Cease and desist from stalking, harassing and defamation

Dear Ms. Sarah:

This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER is to inform you that your persistent actions including, but not limited to. libeling the persons 

named above and spreading lies about us on online forums, emails, private messages, blogs and different back channels have 

become intolerable.  

You are ORDERED TO STOP such activities immediately.

In addition to the names listed above, you will cease all references to any and all handles you claim belong to any one of the above 

mentioned. You will immediately cease linking any forum handles to the persons above on sites or in reference to any sites unless the 

person named above has linked their names thusly in public already.    Failure to stop this linking will be considered ‘outing’ on these 

forums, a rule violation on the majority of forums.     Failure to stop these references will be considered an admission of this rule 

violation and your admission that you are requesting banning from those sites for rules  violations.   You are also prohibited from 

posting the comments made in emails, private messages and/or private forums on your blog or any public site.   Doing so is also 

against the rules of forums and not removing these comments will be considered admission of guilt and your desire to be banned 

from those sites.  

We have the right to remain free from these activities as they constitute defamation, libel, stalking and harassment and we may 

pursue any legal remedies available to us if these activities continue. These remedies include, but are not limited to:  reporting you to 

various forums you belong to, contacting law enforcement to obtain criminal sanctions against you, and suing you civilly for damages 

we have incurred as a result of your actions.

Again, you must IMMEDIATELY STOP talking and writing about us and send us written confirmation that you will stop such activities. 

This letter acts as your final warning to discontinue this unwanted conduct.   At this time, we are not contacting the authorities or filing 

civil suits against you, as we hope we can resolve this matter without authoritative involvement.

We are not under any circumstances, however, waiving any legal rights we have presently, or future legal remedies against you by 

sending you this letter. This order acts as ONE FINAL CHANCE for you to cease harassing us with your defamation and libelous 

claims made against us and our handles .

To ensure compliance with this letter, and to halt any legal action we may take against you, we require you to date and reply by email 

within 5 days of your receipt of this letter.  Failure to do so will act as evidence of your infringement upon our legal rights.




Cute Angie’s Story

Note:  My comments are in red, Sarah’s comments are in black.
Angie here retired, I have never been blackmailed, Sarah has contacted clients thinking they could get me to say something for her., on her behalf. Our email and pm exchanges for her investigation she had no proof. She would expose me as a liar and post all if I did not. A few hours later she did post all in a ladies lounge. It was me supporting her until I put things together than over and over asked to be left out. My pms and emails did nothing by the way to prove her right they had nothing to do with it was found about her accusations. Retired pretty much now asked to be taken off perb finally I am, trying to get off CAF and BCAF, I am on VCA all pics and info removed. I am going on in life. 
Sarah lies and has made things bigger than they are. She has done this to herself. I hope that this ends soon, I am so sorry susi and all ladies have to deal with this, Sarah I hope she can wake up and see what she has done ruining people. As for her life again she has done it to her self and causes her own grief as she is not mentally stable and delusional and is living in her world. Her heart condition perhaps stop and relax is what she needs to do. I was in hospital a few months back first few days not sure if my heart was strong enough I almost died it was serious and scary here I am happy as always and positive. Do not judge someone until you have walked in there shoes.
 Best of luck I support the ladies bottom line would like to see Sarah get professional help Mental Health.
ok I have always asked Sarah and the other ladies to keep me out of this. I wish no grief on anyone. I am busy, I have a family. I do have one of the messages sent to a client of mine from Sarah. Sarah does not know this man and has never met him or spoken to him until November 24, 2012 and then never again. I will organize what I have to prove her wrong. I am busy with work and school and do not have much time or any actually to be posting. But what I see is just wrong. So more to come by next week or so I am busy and best get back to studies. Oh I also asked sarah to take me out of her blog. I am still in there. I will post what I have Susi can contact me if needed and that will be all I am too busy but yes justice has to be heard. Past is the past let it go.
From Sarahs blog more untruths and assumpthions
From Ms Sarah Speaks up Blog.
There are always 2 sides to a story and if I am mentioned in any even though retired and it is not hurting me, I am not and far from a bad and sad story for Sarah. Sarah I do not dislike you I know you are reading this. I just think you need to say sorry publically and admit your wrongs. Sarahs are bolded in black my comments to this in red. You are causing yourself grief and others and this would not last a day in court. You have mixed so many things up and twisted it around putting words in others mouth and only your side. I know you will copy this by all means do if you wish, I am not a bully and I am not bully anyone. I like honesty your blog is how you see things and full of untruths that I know of.

From Sarah’s blog:  By this time, I already knew exactly why Tara refused to attend the lunch and that she was discouraging others from attending. I guess she missed the obvious sarcasm in my post. I have an email from Angie telling me that the remainder of the lunch plans had to be made and kept in secret due to the harassment and intimidation of Tara and the other bullies.

OK you are assuming that you knew why Tara refused the lunch. You know unless she had a ride from downtown she could never make the trip anyways. Please Sarah show us this email, you are assuming again, did I ever say I am going to keep it private due to harassment and humiliation?. I still have that email as well. And I do not think Tara and others are bullies, nor have I ever said they were. Another example Sarah is in her own world.

Sarah: In early October of 2012 I had PM’d Van Wilder, the Admin of vca, asking for his help in resolving the escalating situation with the women on his site and got no reply. He finally replied on October 23, 2012 trying to pressure me to attend the vca social event being hosted by Angie the next day.

He also called and talked to me about the bullies, pressuring me again to attend the social. I still have his phone number to prove that he gave it to me. I refused to attend the lunch because I was very stressed from the harassment, and honestly afraid to meet people who hated me so much, in person. I was also afraid of having my picture taken and my face and identity being outed online.

Did I say I was harassed and intimidated. N0 I did not and no I did not feel that way. You are twisting stories here. That is not true. Correct me if I am wrong but I wanted it private so no one knows the plans not even you. And I, Angie stated no real names or pictures and cameras allowed as all parties are that way and there are many to vouch that that is how they run. It is posted right in the messages and threads and private pms Sarah  has posted on her blog.

Sarah:  During this phone conversation he also offered me the position of Moderator in the vca private SP forum, but I refused.

LOL, Sarah this is total hearsay and your word again posted and your mind. Now if you had recorded conversation ok. But then that could get you in a real big mess. Hear say is what it is.


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Sarah's apology





(1st) Letter from Sarah

Jul 25, 2013
Dear Tara
,I was deeply saddened and disappointed to see your posts in the vca shoutbox yesterday. I was sad to see you humiliate and OUT YOURSELF as a TROLL like that again.The only people who were upset about the Dear Troll thread, or the Cybercrime Solutions threads I’ve posted on forums all across Canada, are the GUILTY ONES – your little band of buddies.

The only women who are afraid of me are you and your buddies and the few ladies you’ve turned against me. The many women who PM and email me, thanking me for speaking up, for posting legal info, and for giving them hope, aren’t afraid of me.

In fact, numerous sps have discussed Sarah, and many of them state they are afraid to post due to the backlash.   In fact, admin of at least 3 sites agreed that the Dear Troll thread, and others, had no place on their sites, deleted them and banned Sarah from posting.  Those sites include Vancityads, erslist, and Canadaadultfun and its sister site bcadultfun.    
1. Linda Malcolm drove out to Chilliwack and we had a long conversation about my issues with you.2. She informed me that the complaint filed against me by you and the other SP’s based on Susie’s report, has been investigated and dropped, AND MY NAME HAS BEEN CLEARED.
In fact, in email and phone call, independent parties have confirmed that Linda Malcolm did not clear Sarah’s name of anything.   

3. She has all the EVIDENCE PROVING that I am the victim, not you. I am not totally innocent but I’ve already admitted and apologized for my part repeatedly.

4. Linda was the one that suggested I research and publish helpful legal info for SP’s, so it’s unwise for you and your buddies to oppose me when I post those threads.

See # 2 it is doubtful LM has or said any of the things claimed in 2 and 3.    Certainly LM has NEVER contacted any single one of Sarah’s victims to indicate that LM considered Sarah the victim.  In fact LM denies telling Sarah anything of the sort.   

5. Linda approves of my hiring a lawyer and pursuing civil litigation against the 5 SP’s I have named to my lawyer, and agrees that this is a viable alternative for SP’s who have legal issues.

That is probably a complete fabrication.   What LM did say, to Sarah’s victims, is that she didn’t consider this a criminal harassment case, but that we had enough evidence to pursue a civil case against Sarah, if we so chose to  do.  

6. My Dear Troll thread was addressed to all trolls in general, but the real specific troll I had in mind is a guy from Toronto that you know nothing about. I am not out for revenge, only justice for myself and many others. In case you missed my signature, the letter was signed on behalf of many other victims.

7. Do you realize the legal consequences of your recent posts, added to the evidence I already have? Do you realize your posts were full of LIES and DEFAMATORY LIBEL, statements that were made with CLEAR MALICE intended to harm me? You just gave me sufficient grounds to file a formal complaint and have you investigated by Vice, along with continuing to pursue civil litigation.

Sarah, once again, confuses defamation with the truth, because the truth is unflattering and exposes her.   The reader of her blog will figure this out for themselves.   Defamation doesn’t mean unpleasant or unflattering, it means that something posted is a complete lie.   Telling people that Sarah was proven to have lied about her claims about her victims is not libelous.  The proof has been posted, in the Conflict Resolution document.  It is irrefutable, and Sarah’s victims are certainly permitted to quote from it, refer to it, and use it in their own statements about Sarah.  That isn’t libel, it is truth.

How do you think LE will view your comments publicly mocking me for admitting your prior harassment had driven me to the point of contemplating suicide? I’m way beyond that now, but if I was ever to off myself, you guys would be facing some pretty serious criminal charges. You might want to research the last couple of year’s media articles on that topic.

Sarah is confused here again.   She knows that only one person posted in the shout box in a mocking way, but she copy/pasted one email for 5 different people.   The fact is, this part here, was not meant to be directed at myself (Tara), but another person.   So again, this is a complete lie, to include this in an email to me.   And yes, it is bizarre to send out the same email with minor changes to 5 different people.   

8. You and your little band of buddies are yesterday’s news. You’re so arrogant and self involved that you assume you’re the motive for every thread I post. Get over yourselves.

Just wanted to point out, does that sound like someone suffering from thoughts of suicide, or on the brink?  Does it sound like someone who considers themselves a victim of harassment?  Because that post there, is very very typical of her style of posting to many different people for years.   And why she is not considered someone other sps even want to get to know better.

Thousands of SP’s are being educated about getting legal help through the threads I’ve posted. While you’ve been busy plotting against review boards, I’ve spent the last three years getting to know them, making friends, building trust and now I’m a respected writer and contributor all across the country with sticky informational threads on almost every forum. I have respect and credibility with people at the top of the industry and dozens of people watching my back all day every day, on every forum.
You will notice her say this time and again “plotting against review boards”.  As someone pointed out to her, so ‘we’ are plotting against the same boards that we use to advertise on?   That makes sense?   The Conflict Resolution document also reports that they found no evidence of any such plot by any of the named sps.   It is a bizarre and false claim by a bizarre and false accuser.   

Now would be a really good time for you to consider writing an apology to me.

May God have mercy on your soul.


It’s fine for her to spread false rumors and outright lies about me everywhere, but when I call her on them,  then I’m the one who is supposed to be sorry for calling a liar a liar.  Fat chance.  The best I was able to do along the way was counter her lies as I found them or they were brought to my attention on various sites.   She made claims about how much research she put into the Resources post she was so proud of, yet could not do even the most preliminary research before posting lies everywhere about me.  Such as saying I was a leader of the ladies lounge (an easy thing to disprove by anyone doing even the most preliminary queries on the subject).  To surmise and assume things about me without doing even the most basic research and then posting them as facts everywhere is not my idea of someone who should be proud of her research skills.  She left a big mess for all of us to clean up and continues to do so.  It is like having a two year old loose on the fair ground indefinitely and if I told her to F off in the shout box when she jumped into my convo with someone, who would blame me if they knew what lies she had spread about me on so many sites for so long.To this day, I have no way of knowing exactly what it was that I was supposed to have seen that would rise to the level of bullying.    Her lame attempts to blame me for everything she thought was wrong with conflicts she had with others in the vca LL are just ridiculous and without merit of any kind.   To trash my handle in her Bully post as she did based on supposition and assumptions was completely irresponsible and inexcusable.  Her announcement that she “agonized” over doing so was nothing more than an absolute insult to the intelligence of anyone reading the nonsense she ultimately posted.  Clearly I was not about to go round changing handles I had on other sites so that people could “stick up” for me.  My reputation as a responsible poster was not that easily tarnished that some silly person like her could convince people that  I had suddenly become a bully overnight.  For those who didn’t know me or my reputation, it was a concern and I did make every attempt to post the truth when the men were repeating lies they’d been told.  But few sites would permit further discussion on the matter and were banning handles and IP addresses of anyone trying to enlighten them.  My handle on bcaf was banned when attempts were made to post the truth.  What handle is used to clear up the lies should not matter so long as the truth being posted can be verified (which it easily could have).  But a major issue was made about who was behind the handle doing the posting when it is the truth that should matter, not who posts it. Nothing I posted was rude or ban worthy, but the fact that I was countering the lies that had been told to people there was enough to result in an IP ban.   Since that handle was used in the above “apology” to me, clearly she knew who was doing the posting and resented having me around to clear up some of the nasty rumours that, until I showed up on bcaf,  were being believed by many.

My post #27 in the lunch thread on vca which follows is proof of what I posted.  Ms. Sarah’s name was not mentioned.   There were various posts in the thread, none of which match what Sarah has been claiming, not even her own.   

[quote]I won’t be attending this get together, but so far they have all been a joyful time for everyone and hope this one is the same.[/quote]

 I most certainly did not go around telling anyone not to attend.   However, a number of ladies contacted me regarding a particularly vile post Ms. Sarah did on Perb to another lady which was an unprovoked attack.  The comment was very rude and insulting and caused many, myself included, to have no interest in socializing with anyone who would do a post like that to someone  to demean and insult.  If that post had an effect on how many attended the vca lunch, it would not surprise me.  The post was promptly removed by the Perb admin, but the damage was done and few wanted to be in the same room with Sarah after that.

Instead of acknowledging her own part in the lack of attendance at the lunch, Sarah started claiming I was telling people not to attend because she would be there.  A complete lie to cover up the fact that she herself caused people to shun her.   She was becoming known for unprovoked attacks, but this particular one came just prior to the lunch that was scheduled to take place.   Many saw the post before it was removed and were very offended by it even tho it was directed at someone else.

The Conflict Resolutions document was posted in the Perb Announcements section and the matter should have been put to rest.   A Peace Bond would not be necessary although it was something being considered at the time the Bully post appeared on two review sites.   A complete report was given by all named parties in the Bully post to Linda Malcom who did visit Ms. Sarah.    No one has ever to my knowledge claimed that a Peace Bond was served, but we have discussed it publicly questioning whether or not anyone knew for sure if it was or not.

After the Conflict Resolutions document was posted, and the visit by Linda Malcolm, Sarah continued to push the boundaries.   She posted the Resources document anywhere she could and further annoying those falsely accused because it was presented by the very person who had caused so many to spend so much time countering her lies for so many months on so many different sites.   The fact that she continued to post as if she was the wronged party only aggravated those she had falsely accused even more.   It did get removed from the VCA site and she was ultimately banned thanks largely to her own posts trashing VCA and the owner.

If anyone actually reads her blog, they will see all the credibility gaps and unsubstantiated claims for themselves.  It is blatantly apparent that she continues to make false claims that her own blog shows to be totally untrue.   I’ve just pointed out some of the most obvious ones here.To say I’m very tired of pointing out all the obvious lies she tells so easily is an understatement.   She has no respect whatsoever for telling the truth about events and being determined to trash the reputations of others in order to make herself look like a bully victim is disgusting when there are so many genuine victims out there.
She has made a lot of bold claims and statements, but look carefully.   Does she back up any of those claims with actual evidence?  Links to where these events occured?  Copies or quotes of these alleged comments and posts?   Or does she simply make a statement, and expect you to believe it, on her say so.    Anyone can make a claim, backing it up with proof is another story.    This blog and the statements on it, are the back up for the rebuttals being made to the posts on Sarah’s defamatory blog.   

And the reader should know, the only thing her victims have ever asked for, and this is in the CR document as well, is a public post showing their innocence, and a public apology and retraction by Sarah.   And this is what we’ve gotten from her: continued and persistent harassment, defamation, lies, libel and continuously pretending to be a victim of others.  No accountability, no responsibility, no remorse, and no apology.  So far all we’ve seen are more accusations and insults disguised as an apology:


Bully me this, Bully me that

The only thing worse than a bully is someone who claims she is being bullied and provides no proof of it and covers up the lack of evidence of it with more lies.   When put to the test to provide evidence, after trashing and smearing the handles of those she dislikes for whatever reason, she comes up with the the lame explanation that well you must have seen me being bullied in a ladies lounge so that makes you a bully.  No it does not and spreading more lies to cover up the lack of evidence only promotes more hostility and animosity such as is seen in the blog by Ms. Sarah.

As a member of the vca ladies lounge and the only “leader” attribute I had was that I was leading in reputation points of all the ladies on the vca site, she felt that entitled her to trash me as a bully.    As you will see from her own blog, that much became apparent in a post on a site that no longer exists, but I posted about it in the erslist ladies lounge (a copy of which she posts in her own blog), so it is on record that because she thought there was something in the LL that rose to the level of being bullied, anyone who saw it must also be a bully.  I never saw anything that would even come close to what she claims was posted (and soon removed), however, that is how I came to be named as a bully by Sarah.

My reference post:

[quote]Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:12 am
Now Ms. Sarah has the audacity to post to me accusing me of standing around watching her get bullied and did nothing.  Link no longer live.
http://www.cerf.ca/forum/showthread.php … volunteers
I did no such thing and Van Wilder can read the ladies lounge there and would not tolerate it there or on the main site. How much time I spend on the VCA site is my own business and it doesn’t imply I have to monitor every conflict on the site either. I am not a baby sitter there and to imply that I am, is ridiculous.

She is so hard up for things to object to about me that now she demands to know why I use different handles on the various sites as if I must of necessity have some evil reason for doing so. I almost never post on those sites and the handles were not made with the idea of posting with them at the time. My working name is used by several others and I don’t want to be confused with them by anyone reading reports about them in the Lounges as one of them used to work in my own area as well (one such “fake pictures” problem even on this site which meant I needed to change my handle so readers don’t think the person being talked about is me).

Ms. Sarah needs to get a life and stop running around trying to find evil intent in everything other people do or don’t do.

It was a hard one for me to defend since at the time I was trying to comply with the rules of the site in not repeating what was or was not said in the vcaLL.  Some posts I only heard about later and seemed to be about some efforts to have the rules complied with, but regardless, if there was anything in there that Ms.Sarah interpreted as being bullied, every member (over a hundred ladies) would have seen it, not just me, yet she names me because I was active on the site generally and had the highest rep points of the ladies at the time.  That bothered her enough to classify me as a leader and therefore responsible for the activities in the LL whether I saw the posts or not.  To then proceed and bad mouth me on two review sites based on supposition and speculation and surmising things is not only totally irresponsible, but caused me to be very enraged at the audacity of it.



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Susie’s Silence

This is to address Sarah’s false statements on this page  http://mssarahspeaksup.blogspot.ca/2014/04/current-issues.html

 sarah’s orginal post is in regular text, the rebuttal (truths) are posted in red.

The threads I’ve posted previously are just a small fraction of the evidence I have to prove what I’ve been through, but there’s no point in dredging up more of the past.

There are a few current issues which I do need to address, however.

February 14, 18 & 22, 2014 When the harassment by Katrina and friends began to escalate on the TO forums, I tried contacting Susie again for the first time since the previous fall. I emailed her asking if she would read what was happening on the forums between myself, Katrina and the others.
Sarah, it is true, stalked her victims over to some Toronto sites well before 2014.   There isn’t one single site from east of the rockies that Sarah has joined BEFORE some of them.  Katrina for one is a well established very long time member on one of the sites.    It was Sarah’s intention to follow, set herself up with some degree of credibility (done by making literally thousands of posts oncaerf.com) and then try to start her ‘I’m the victim’ posts.     Katrina let her do this for a year on caerf without interference, after all, Sarah had been driven off all of the BC and AB boards already, and found no place for her hatred of other sps on cerb, so now she is only on TO boards.  But when Sarah started her BS posts on sp411, someone had to take a stand and speak up for sarah’s many victims, and tell the truth about Sarah.   That is what Sarah considers harassment, the fact that no one will allow her to play the victim, and that they will expose her for the lies she is telling.  They posted links to bcaf, copied text from the bccec report investigation finding Sarah guilty of slander, and more.    Others joined to talk about Sarah’s unforgiveable exposure of the posts by sps in private forums.  No one allowed Sarah to pretend to be anything other than she is: an aggressive bully who makes libelous statements about innocent people.   

I let her know that they’d been mentioning her name and Linda Malcolm’s while attacking me and encouraging others to pile on, and were publicly propagating the lie that they’d been successful in their efforts to have a Peace Bond issued against me as a result of Linda’s investigation, which was based on Susie’s report. That lie was first posted anonymously on another forum, then repeated by Katrina/sunshine.Sarah at no time has ever actually been able to quote or copy any remark made by Katrina or anyone else specifically saying that they know that Sarah was issued with a Peace ‘Bond.  In fact above she refers to an ‘anonymous’  post, but doesn’t even bother to quote or copy that supposed post.   in fact, at no time has anyone said that she was.   In fact, the only thing anyone has ever said publicly (or in a private forum) was that they were told that she was issued one, by LM.    On more than one occasion, someone has actually asked if it was issued, because they didn’t know for sure.  Sarah has clung to this and repeated it so many times she probably believes it to be true, but at no time has anyone ever confirmed that it happened, so whenever it has been mentioned it has always been a question or a speculation.  In fact, afaik, LM was the only one to bring it up, to Sarah’s victims when they reported Sarah to LM, that this was going to be a possible solution, should they choose to pursue it.     Sarah should be thanking these women for NOT insisting on a Peace bond.
I thought maybe Susie would believe my previous allegations of bullying if she witnessed it still happening, unprovoked, at the present time.
Since susi did not speak up in any way, what does that tell everyone about what she concluded about this socalled ‘unprovoked’ bullying now?   Exactly what you would expect, wondering why Sarah is provoking people.    It turns out now we see why she was stalking and provoking people, so she could finally get the ‘evidence’ she is convinced is online now.  The posts and statements of her victims who are no longer wiling to stay quiet, and have posted the truth and exposed her.   this is what she calls ‘malicious intent’ and ‘defamation’.  The truth to her, because it is unpleasant and unwelcome and makes her carefully constucted online ‘status’ questionable.

I described how Katrina mocked my efforts to stop B57 and other internet trolls from outing and harassing industry members, preferring to concentrate on destroying my reputation and credibility instead.This is a complete and utter lie.   There are no posts whatsoever that she can refer to to support this malicious lie.    Katrina is very well known for putting trolls in their place as well as reacting to outing and harassment of members.   In fact, it is Sarah that continuously insists on ‘outing’ and harassing Katrina, but continuously and maliciously using sp name with handle, on and off sites that do not allow unpaid advertisers to show their sp names.   She has been reported for this malicious ‘outing’ multiple times, and yet continues to get away with it.   This is a completely evil thing to do to any sp, and she should be ashamed to call herself a defender of sps.   

In my next email I thanked her for joining two of the TO forums, told her that I’d been posted on The Dirty, pointed out how Tara had bumped the link on vca the day after I resumed advertising on perb, and gave her some other links to look at.
It is very obvious that Sarah is using this post to link in the minds of the reader that she is blaming Tara for the post about Sarah on The Dirty.  She is also attributing malicious intent to a thread bump on VCA, a thread that she doesn’t bother to link in this blog post so that the reader would know that it had nothing to do with Sarah, or even could be remotely linked to Sarah.  And in fact, Tara at the time thought it was a recent thread, and added a comment not knowing she was bumping such an old thread.     In other words, not everything other people do is about you Sarah.

I asked her again if we could lay aside our differences and work together for the good of the industry, pointing out the work I’d been doing on my own, and Katrina, Anita and Tara’s interference again.

I reminded her that I hadn’t posted anything negative about her since the last time we interacted on perb, and asked for the same respect, as I advocated for the industry in my own right.

I told her again that this would be a good opportunity for her to make a powerful positive first impression on the TO market, as she’d never posted on most of the TO forums before.
In fact, Sarah has no clue about what susi does or doesn’t do back east, because she doesn’t do any kind of research other than stalking her prior victims.   Susi has been a long time member of cerb, and had no need to be introduced to the Ontario community, outside of cerb.  If she had time and interest in posting on such sites, she didn’t need sarah to introduce them to her.

In my last email to her I told her that I was doing my best to keep her from being attacked by the TO bullies who frequently harass, defame and ‘out’ industry members, and let her know that no matter how much crap was posted about the issues between her and I, I would not retaliate by attacking her in order to defend myself.
The reader will notice that Sarah offers no proof that susi had been attacked or harassed or defamed by any TO bullies.   In fact, she claims to be doing something to protect susi, who was not in any danger in the first place, and not one person stepped up to say anything other than nice things about her.    This is yet another blatant lie.    Then she goes on to say she wouldn’t retaliate by attacking her, even tho crap was posted about their issues.   Wrong again.  What was posted were the things Sarah said to susi, and that susi replied reminding Sarah that at no time was Sarah ever found innocent of defamation and bullying of her victims.  Sarah continues even now to blame susi for this.   Sarah and the TO boards were simply exposed to the truth, that Sarah was not the victim she claimed to be, but found guilty of aggressively attacking and lying about these sps.

If you search my posts, you will see that until the writing of this blog, I kept my promise, no matter how difficult it was to keep quiet.

I received no replies to my emails, no support in my efforts to stop cybercriminals from outing industry members, no speaking up to declare the truth and refute the lies posted by Katrina, Tara, Vanessa, Anita and others, no help, no nothing, nowhere, not a word.

This is because the posts by these people were not lies.  susi can hardly come to the defense of someone who is being exposed by her victims, victims who are only telling the truth.  Some of those truths posted were actually quotes of Sarah’s own words.   And yet she continues to call them liars, even now, knowing that calling people who are telling the truth ‘liars’ is defamatory and libelous?   Where is the proof that what they posted are lies?   She can’t provide even copies of what they posted, because she knows she can’t prove they are lies.   
I still support Susie and the work she does as an advocate on behalf of the industry, but I can no longer keep quiet about her lack of concern for the way I’ve been treated by her friends and co-workers, and about her lack of accountability for the wrongs she has committed against me herself.

Unfortunately, Susie is one of those whose behaviour I’ve reported to the RCMP, and I’m asking for an official investigation into her conduct by some of the organizations she represents. I know this will upset a lot of people, but no one is above the law or immune from the consequences of breaking it.

Sarah again lies.  One of her victims has contacted RCMP to find out about this socalled ‘report’.  It doesn’t exist.  Not one of the people she claims have been ‘reported’ have ever been contacted by LE, and the RCMP do not have anything on file from her, or about these people she continues to lie about.    If that is a lie, what else is she lying about.  
Susi has not once broken the law.  Sarah has and continues to do so.  It is against the law to stalk, harass and lie about people on the internet.  She would do well to remember, or at least start reading and understand the things she copies and posts about defamation and bullying.    

It’s time others stood up and speak up against Sarah’s continued harassment of these women, and men, who continue to be her victims.   It’s past time to stop being afraid of the backlash that will come from her when she goes on one of her rampages.    She had access to the private sp lounge on www.sp411.com for over a month.   God only knows what secrets posted by Ontario sps she has copied and saved, to be used at a later date?    She has a history of doing this, there is no reason not to believe she will do it to them as well.

We tried to warn them, the warnings fell on deaf ears.   Don’t let these sites pretend not to hear you.   She’s still on 3 or 4 sites, it is time to get her off the last western site, perb, and the other toronto sites before she can do any more damage.

“My Experience with Cyber Bullies” according to Sarah

I joined several escort review boards and started advertising online in June 2010.
As time went by I heard stories, read public forums and private Ladies Only Lounge (LOL) threads and
noticed that the same few women were repeatedly mentioned as being troublemakers.
When CL Erotics shut down, I joined several escort ad sites including vancityads (vca) in Feb 2011.
I joined the LOL on vca because it seemed like a reasonable thing to do.
I didn’t know the online history of their LOL leaders, but I soon figured out that some of them were the
ones with bad reputations I had read about.
Conclusion by team:    Challenging the practices of review boards and standing up for the rights of workers does not
constitute being a trouble maker. We should all be grateful that there are some workers who do
stand up and speak their minds.
I am writing here about Anita, pillowtalk/Classy Sweet, Tara1 and Brandi.
At first, all I did was read in the LOL and never posted at all. As the months went by, I was shocked by
most of what I read there.
The LOL is supposed to be a safe place for ladies to share info about bad dates and discuss confidential
issues in private, but there’s a lot more than that going on in their LOL.
I watched as the leadership slandered reviewers and schemed to ruin men who gave SP’s bad
reviews or disagreed with them on the boards.
There were no posts that the volunteers found that were intended to ruin any men.
Disagreeing with the sex buyers who tended to only write bad reviews or reporting
this reviewing behavior does not constitute ruining men.
They openly express their hatred of all review boards, strategize on ways to undermine them,
and discourage SP’s from joining or participating on them.
Some workers are extremely uncomfortable with being reviewed and find it
humiliating to read about intimate details of their sessions. We are all allowed to have
our opinion on review boards and are free to express that opinion. Volunteers could
find no posts by any of the accused parties which could be construed as “strategizing “
to undermine review boards. Volunteers also could not find any posts related to
discouraging workers from joining review boards. There were some related to harms
that can happen to a worker who takes part in a review board, but nothing
threatening or bullying in terms of forcing workers to not take part.
They encourage SP’s to refuse to accept clients who are known reviewers.
The volunteers could find no posts related to this by any of the accused sp’s. Warnings
about a particular reviewer being negative or challenging as a client are in the best
interest of worker safety.
They slander and bully SP’s who speak up to defend the men and other unpopular SP’s.
The volunteers could find no posts where any of the accused slandered any workers.
In fact, Ms Sarah posted more than a few times degrading and slanderous comments
about the accused naming them man hating manipulative bitches.
I watched them bully and intimidate younger or newer ladies into doing what they told them to
do under threat of being banned from the LOL, denied access to the Black List and bullied off the
The only people ever banned from blacklist areas and ladies lounges by the workers in
question were banned for breach of confidentiality. These areas need to be safe for
workers to post information about their experiences with clients in privacy with no
fear of reprisal.
There was no evidence discovered by the volunteers to support the accusation of
bullying younger or newer workers.
There are relatively few websites where SP’s can socialize and advertise in the Vancouver market, so this
is a serious issue for those concerned.
How can these women even pretend to have the best interests of the industry and of other SP’s at
heart? Why do these women have leadership roles in an LOL?
These women have actively taken part in working towards sex industry stabilization posting in many
forums, posting in non sex industry forums and taking part in events. Their role in the ladies lounge
came to them because of their hard work and long standing reputations as supportive to others working
in the industry.
I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by what I read, because they already had a public reputation for
outing clients and board members, as well as conspiring to ruin SP’s they dislike or view as competition.
The volunteers could find no evidence of this. One of the accused however survived an assault and
reported to police. This is not outing a client. It is rather a brave action on her part in which she put
herself in harms way to protect other sp’s from this dangerous person.
I have met people whose personal and professional lives have been devastated by this group of
troublemakers, so I know these are not rumours, they are facts.
Ms Sarah did not provide any contact information to the volunteers to support this claim so it is not a
proven fact at all.
How my battle started.
There was a huge blow up in the vca LOL near the beginning of 2012. Pillowtalk/CS, Anita and friends
were really pissed off about something that happened, and after watching silently for days, I spoke up to
defend the people they were attacking, and they all turned on me.
In the post referred to, Ms. Sarah attacks fortunate one using a lot of profanity and declaring her “ a
bitter, angry, vindictive, unforgiving, man-hating, self-serving, manipulative bitch.” In this post Ms.
Sarah also states that she has violated private sp lounge protocol’s in regard to confidentiality.
The post is vicious and attacking of fortunate one.
In the post, other members also call fortunate one a prolific bully, however standing up for
accountability in reviewing and promoting fact based education about the industry while unappreciated
by some does not constitute bullying.
From that moment on I was a target of their anger, and they became enraged when I eventually told
them I had saved copies of threads containing threats and slander they were spreading in their efforts to
destroy certain men and other SP’s.
Ms. Sarah stated that she has saved pm’s and thread links but supplied no such evidence to the
volunteers. Therefore, this does not constitute evidence at all. Simply saying you have something, does
not make it fact.
Let me point out that everyone who has access to the LOL has the ability to copy and share information
posted there, but it’s strictly forbidden.
Shortly after that, that they banned me from the LOL, because they said they didn’t feel they could trust
Ms. Sarah outed herself as being in breach of confidentiality, the number one rule for safety amongst
sp’s accessing and contributing to the blacklists and private areas. She has shown herself to be
There’s a lot of pressure not to reveal secrets we read in the LOL, and that is the threat these ladies have
held over my head since banning me. They would brand me as a traitor who can’t be trusted, so I was
afraid to tell anyone what happened.
The confidentiality of the sp lounge and blacklists are the key component of them functioning. Workers
must feel safe posting. Ms. Sarah violated that rule and proved that she cannot be trusted. Volunteers
could find no evidence that any one of the accused ever named her a traitor or threatened to do so. If
there was evidence in the form of messages, none was submitted so this is also unproven.

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Letter to Linda Malcolm – VPD Sex Worker Liaison Officer


I am referring to regarding the recent defamatory thread that was posted on

http://www.perb.ca by Ms. Sarah. http://perb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?174620-Exposing-Cyber-Bullies-in-the-Vancouver-Industry , the link is no longer there, because perb admin finally deleted it later in the year. I should point out that it was also posted on http://www.myescortlist.com, where I assume it was not deleted, nor will it ever be deleted. (the site, myescortlist, actually was shut down, so the link no longer exists, Due to that, a copy of the original post is in this link,


which also includes the investigation by the bccec team who looked thru hundreds of posts on many sites, to find the truth of what the 4 named were accused of. Their conclusion? That there was in fact no evidence against any of the accused Tara1, Brandi, Anita and Classy Sweet. Tara1 even shared private messages from Sarah which seemed to indicate no ill will between them whatsoever until the post about bullying emerged on perb.

My handle on http://www.vancityads.com is Classy Sweet. I’ve been a member on that advertising site pretty much since it started, and have worked very hard with admin to help make it everything review sites are not: safe places free of hostility towards sex workers. I help set up the requirements of the verification, which at the end of the day helps protect clients from scammers, which we know exists in this business. I am not and have never been a moderator on vancityads. Neither Anita, Tara or Brandi were moderators or ‘leaders’ on that site either.

My goal has always been, and continues to be, safe place to hang out and networking and support. VCA has always been a 2nd chance place, so even those who gained bad reputations on review sites flourished here, because at the end of the day, we are actually not the evil tyrants the guys who wanted to turn VCA into another review board where they could bully everyone around on keep saying. I have had relationships with 100’s of different sps on many different sites, all who could attest to my efforts in helping them, even if it just telling them about the site that has a private black list area. I am very adamant about the sanctity and privacy of any and all sp blacklist and lounges.

That is why I had to have Ms. Sarah removed from the Vancityads site sp lounge back in February 2012, and why she has continued to as she says, not rest until I have been banned from every site out there. more on this later.

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Response to Ms. Sarah’s Blog Post…….. “Isn’t it Ironic?”

Regular text is Ms.Sarah “Speaking up”. Bolded text is a response to her post.


If you’re a new reader to my blog, please see my posts on April 17 for an introduction to myself, and the purpose of my writing.

Alanis Morissette wrote a great song called, ‘Isn’t it Ironic?’.

Isn’t it ironic that the cyberbullies who’ve been harassing me, and the websites where it’s been allowed it to happen the most, are now the ones largely responsible for spreading my blog link?

Blatant lie #1: The truth is that Sarah posted it in her signature line on at least two sites that we know of, plus as a post on the getsomesuga site, as well as heavily promoting it herself on those sites. Her victims however, once they were aware of this blog, informed others who may end up suffering for having their own posts/comments done in private messages, emails and/or private forum posting revealed to the general public.

That Sarah boasts and gloats about what she has done, and continues to deny the damage she has done to these victims is pathological.

I deliberately didn’t post the link on my personal website or in my ads, because no potential client is interested in the ‘drama’.

See #1, this is a blatant lie. She had it in her signature on various sites, the same sites she posts ads on. If potential clients wouldn’t be interested in the drama, then why promote it in her obviously advertising posts on these sites?

From looking at my blog Stats page, I can tell which sites and threads have directed the most traffic to my blog.

I can even tell which sites have transmitted the blog link by Private Message.


Well, this isn’t stalkerish at all. She makes this claim, but fails to say what sites, and where the pms were occuring and we are supposed to just take her word for it. because so far she’s been so honest about everything?

Even more fascinating to see the women who are guilty of cyberbullying me using my blog in their own defense! They are so blind to their own criminal behaviour, that they still can’t recognize their own mistakes when confronted with a written record of their exact words. I purposely haven’t edited spelling or grammatical errors, and what you see posted here is exactly how it appeared when they originally wrote it.

She provides no proof that any of her victims are using the blog in their own defense. She also fails to notice that in all her accusations about defamation, she is still unable to recognize the difference between the truth and defamation. She has posted pretending to be a victim, and gets called out about it. She has been exposed as to the hateful emails and private messages she sends, filled with hate and libelous accusations. She still thinks these victims should just roll over and accept it. She has no proof, in spite of copying and pasting private messages, emails, and private forum content, and yet she is using that to defend her own actions?

In their comments about me over the last 6 months, all they’ve able to do is regurgitate the same lies they’ve been posting for 2 years, and you’ll notice that they have nothing recent to quote proving I’m bullying them or instigating drama – because there is nothing.

She pretends to be a victim, and her real victims got fed up, especially when it was clear she was stalking them, following them from site to site, and trying to use the back channels to undermine their reputations on those sites, and her victims stood up and told her, flat out, they weren’t going to be bullied by her anymore. She has an issue with the fact they stood up to her publicly, all of their posts and comments were completely true, but because she found them to be unflattering to the image she put out in public, she calls it defamation. Again, redefining the word defamation doesn’t mean that what was said about her was untrue. All of the comments were supported with posts by other victims, as well as posts in her own words. Is she now denying the things she said and did?

Even if no one believed my original allegations of bullying and harassment by these women, when you compare their behaviour over the last 6 months with mine, it’s crystal clear who the bullies are – and it’s not me.

You cannot possibly compare victims standing up to more stalking and victimization by their attacker with what happened before. When first accused by Sarah, the victims had done nothing against her at all. When first accused, they didn’t even fight back they chose to go a legal route and thru arbitration/investigation . When they were cleared of any wrong doing, they continued to keep on the high road. However, over time, it became clear that in spite of the evidence, the reports, the investigation, in spite of being contacted by LE on their behalf, their bully wasn’t letting it go. She had a taste for blood and she wasnt’ going to allow them to carry on with their lives, and stop making false accusations about them. She carried on, she did more, and her efforts ended up getting her banned from bcaf, CAF and vancityads, and threads deleted from erslist as well. She was removed from erslist LL this time, and in retaliation, all the posts she had copied were sent to review site admin

Except this time she could hardly claims she ‘didn’t know’ that copying and sharing LL content was against the rules.

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Why this blog?

 Why have you decided to respond back at all? Isn’t it best to ignore these types of people?

Why has she not been able to drop issues that are several years old and why does she think that she can continue to harass others without retribution? She seems obsessed.

Why does she continue to target and harass a group of women she has never personally met and lives over 100 km away?

What makes Sarah a lying bitch? What has she done now?

Is it really because of her that the Ladies Lounge was shut down?

Sarah continues to play the victim, even comparing herself to Amanda Todd, who was an actual victim. Todd did nothing to warrant the actions against her. She played no role in trying to recruit others to join her “crusade”.

Some people drop it and try to start over. Not Sarah, Sarah does it a second time, just to make you feel like a real fool for trusting her again.

If her story is only half truth, is it considered a lie?

This is a terrible story of “what came first”….

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