Why this blog?

 Why have you decided to respond back at all? Isn’t it best to ignore these types of people?

Why has she not been able to drop issues that are several years old and why does she think that she can continue to harass others without retribution? She seems obsessed.

Why does she continue to target and harass a group of women she has never personally met and lives over 100 km away?

What makes Sarah a lying bitch? What has she done now?

Is it really because of her that the Ladies Lounge was shut down?

Sarah continues to play the victim, even comparing herself to Amanda Todd, who was an actual victim. Todd did nothing to warrant the actions against her. She played no role in trying to recruit others to join her “crusade”.

Some people drop it and try to start over. Not Sarah, Sarah does it a second time, just to make you feel like a real fool for trusting her again.

If her story is only half truth, is it considered a lie?

This is a terrible story of “what came first”….

If you have stories of Sarah you would like to share please do. Or click the “Your Comments” button at the top of the page and share anonymously. 



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