Letter to Linda Malcolm – VPD Sex Worker Liaison Officer


I am referring to regarding the recent defamatory thread that was posted on

http://www.perb.ca by Ms. Sarah. http://perb.ca/vbulletin/showthread.php?174620-Exposing-Cyber-Bullies-in-the-Vancouver-Industry , the link is no longer there, because perb admin finally deleted it later in the year. I should point out that it was also posted on http://www.myescortlist.com, where I assume it was not deleted, nor will it ever be deleted. (the site, myescortlist, actually was shut down, so the link no longer exists, Due to that, a copy of the original post is in this link,


which also includes the investigation by the bccec team who looked thru hundreds of posts on many sites, to find the truth of what the 4 named were accused of. Their conclusion? That there was in fact no evidence against any of the accused Tara1, Brandi, Anita and Classy Sweet. Tara1 even shared private messages from Sarah which seemed to indicate no ill will between them whatsoever until the post about bullying emerged on perb.

My handle on http://www.vancityads.com is Classy Sweet. I’ve been a member on that advertising site pretty much since it started, and have worked very hard with admin to help make it everything review sites are not: safe places free of hostility towards sex workers. I help set up the requirements of the verification, which at the end of the day helps protect clients from scammers, which we know exists in this business. I am not and have never been a moderator on vancityads. Neither Anita, Tara or Brandi were moderators or ‘leaders’ on that site either.

My goal has always been, and continues to be, safe place to hang out and networking and support. VCA has always been a 2nd chance place, so even those who gained bad reputations on review sites flourished here, because at the end of the day, we are actually not the evil tyrants the guys who wanted to turn VCA into another review board where they could bully everyone around on keep saying. I have had relationships with 100’s of different sps on many different sites, all who could attest to my efforts in helping them, even if it just telling them about the site that has a private black list area. I am very adamant about the sanctity and privacy of any and all sp blacklist and lounges.

That is why I had to have Ms. Sarah removed from the Vancityads site sp lounge back in February 2012, and why she has continued to as she says, not rest until I have been banned from every site out there. more on this later.

The thread she started on Oct 21, I think it was, was just more continuation of her attempts to do this. She posted many lies in that thread and many accusations. Pretty much none of it can be proven, in any way. I have been banned from a couple of review sites, for being outspoken. At no time has anyone ever banned me for being anti man, or hating men, or outing clients or harrassing sps, or outing sps or going to their homes and assaulting them or anything else. The claims are ludicrous, and frankly I am tired of having to listen to them.

Ms. Sarah was invited into the sp lounge on VCA not that long after it was created, even tho at no time did she ever approach me or respond to any attempt on my part to help her navigate the site and/or use it. Like any escort added into the private sp only forum, she was provided with the rules of the forum, first and foremost that no one is permitted to share the contents of the posts with outsiders. The first real interaction we had was on http://www.bcadultfun.com where she seemed to go on an unprovoked rampage. At the end of which she said she copied posts from the area, and further interactions in that thread made it clear she had shared them or was willing to share them with the subject of the posts. Just copying and saving things is a clear violation of the respect, privacy and safety of everyone in there.

imo, there is just no good reason to copy and save Blacklist topics and posts, beyond saving phone #s and email accounts from bad date reports.. There is really no good reason for then going online in a public forum and tell everyone ‘what goes on’ in these areas, which is um, yes, bad dates and venting about smelly clients and bad dates. There is also a place for Raves, questions, networking and support, especially for victims of bad dates and smelly clients.

Ms. Sarah got to the point of being very specific about who posted in the vancityads sp only forum, by naming Anita, Tara, Brandi and myself in the beginning of her post, and going on to continue with lies about the contents. Some of those lies were exposed by the admin of the vancityads site, others by another provider, Ms. Bijou. In fact, as time goes on, anyone in the private area, who has seen the posts in it, have continued to deny the accusations and comments made by Sarah about the comments posted in the private vancityads forum.

The other site I mention, as with any review sites, I use the handle fortunateone. On the now myescortlist.com, my handle was changed by admin in an attempt to discredit and intimidate me a few years ago to my working name. Many other reputable providers, currently working or retired, were also labeled by a group of members there as ‘troublemakers’. The downside of having an opinion, and seeking the truth. In spite of that recent label, up until then on the former version of the site, I had among the highest level of reputation points, a way the membership has to indicate their approval of myself and my postings. In fact I was in the top 5 at one time not long before the disruption caused by some aggravated reviewer bullies as I always refer to that kind of person.

It is interesting to note that by the time they got what they wanted, (removal of women and non reviewer posters) they pretty much killed the site for new content and new advertisers. That is where Ms. Sarah arrived. At the beginning of her time there, she posted often and daily, and basically irritated the hell out of them. Anita was kind enough to extend her friendship, and support to what Sarah at the time considered being bullied. In fact, the site admin changed the rules often, including forbidding any sps to post, then only paid advertisers could post, and then settling down to everyone to post.

None of her troubles there had anything to do with any of us, in fact except for Anita, not one of us ever posted to that, her very first review board forum. Not one of us have had any direct contact with her being on the same site posting until vancityads was created and she stealthily joined it (no other way to describe it. She was a vocal and active poster on the other site, vancityads is free to advertise, with a discussion forum filled with people she knew, but she neither posted in topics or posted any advertisements for months. She was contacted by myself in welcome, and eventually when she finally posted an ad and it was clear she intended to use the site in some way, she gained access like other providers in the SP Lounge. She was advised by me by pm, including the rules of the private section, and again did not reply in any way. In fact, after gaining access to the SP Lounge, she made two or three bad date related posts, and nothing else. Later she was to claim she made many posts, that got deleted. If she did, i am sure they were deleted for good reason, as drama is not permitted by admin or moderators.

Later it appeared she was only there to spy on the other members, as she admitted copying and saving topics and posts, and later in the perb and myescortlist very recent threads, decided to tell the world about the posters and types of content she claims was in it. This is a matter of public record, since she saw fit to post about it all. Where it started I have no idea. It was festering in her at some point, to the point where I posted on bcadultfun, and she ends her first of many rather incoherent postings with:

Sarah on bcaf site: I’ve already reported your behaviour to VanW a couple of times in the past and I will continue to do so every time you try to stir up shit. Women like you are a poison to the industry and I’ll be happy when you eventually get banned from every other site you’re still allowed to be on.


There are further posts. Basically when she made her reply to my rather tame and somewhat sarcastic POV she went on to post more and more, finally the person who had been mentioned in a topic that she was bringing up, replied in the post, and it became very clear that you put together her own words that she copied and saved topics and posts from the blacklist area, and his post that he was replying to information that he received directly from her. It is at this point I need to mention that this is the very FIRST and only time she had ever made any comments directly to or about me, anywhere, on public or private forums. To say it surprised me is putting it mildly. Especially after she was given access to the private section of vancityads, with my approval.

Except in reply to her on that site, and one exchange of private messages where she is told she has been removed from the vancityads sp lounge, we had never had any conversation at all at any time. No one would be able to see any direct comment by me about her, on any site. She has not provided any proof to her continued claims. . And frankly I am fed up with constantly being harrassed by her and her cronies on bcadultfun and any other site for that matter, even when they do it by attacking someone else simply because they have decided that I am an acceptable target.

As Miss Bijou so eloquently put things, the other posters are piling on the lies and egging on Ms.Sarah simply because they don’t like us (or what we have to say) not because Sarah had provided any proof or that they themselves had seen any evidence for themselves of what she claimed. And in fact, Miss Bijou was able to refer to more than one unforgiveable action by Ms. Sarah on the matter of discretion, on privacy, on safety, etc. There is not one shred of evidence for anyone at any time to claim that a reputable provider like myself would have anything to do with outing another sp, flyers to the neighbourhood or physical assault, or even fake bookings. This is the sort of defamation of character along with her standard (seems to fit all sps) claims that I am this:

Sarah on bcaf site: The posts you write reveal the fact that you’re a bitter, angry, vindictive, unforgiving, man-hating, self-serving, manipulative bitch.

Again, this was back in early February 2012. In this business, making these kinds of statements to anyone who provides services to men is extreme defamation of my business and my reputation. And that was not the first or the last time she has said this sort of thing. I don’t think in my life no matter what the circumstance have I ever said anything like that about any provider. I have certainly never said anything in public or private posts on any board about her service or attitude toward men, or in any way shape or form attempted to discredit her business, nor tried to stop her ability to advertise on any board.

I question her choices, and wonder about who is feeding her lies about me, but I still wouldn’t make such bold and libelous claims about her. Personally, I would like to see a very public apology and recognition by her about the damage she has caused, and the damage she continued to cause, along with her friend’s help. I would like her to send a letter to the admin of vancityads and perb withdrawing all of her false claims and attempts to have any and all of us removed from that site, or any other site, and to admit she was lying. I will settle for a public announcement that she has been reported, and legal action forbids her from speaking about us or to us. end of letter to Linda Malcolm. Addtional comments made in 2012: There was no reason for Ms. Sarah to make the claims she made, and continued to make. I’ve known many many sps over the years and have had very few dramatic experiences, and certainly not all these threats and really extreme attempts to discredit me by another sp. The disgruntled male review board members who are now on bcadultfun, yes, but not another provider so blatantly aggressive and hostile to this extent. In yet another attempt to manipulate emotions, and at the same time slander us, Sarah has also made the claim that Van Wilder is ‘afraid’ to stand up to us (apparenlty scarey bullies) because we ‘all’ know his personal information and he is afraid of what we are capable of doing to him. The only person who has ever met him is Tara,who doesn’t drive, and lives 1.5 hours away from him, and has never had a reason to even know his home address. Sarah has posted that same accusation on several sites.


3 thoughts on “Letter to Linda Malcolm – VPD Sex Worker Liaison Officer

  1. She needed to be removed from VCA LL for everyones safety. She could jeopardize future ladies lounge. Oh wait, too late. She did it to the ers LL as well.

  2. As far as i am concerned she was removed due to causing drama (by her own account she argued in the LL), and because she attacked the site admin, and site members of the LL on another forum. She expressed a disdain for the LL members, and indicated she’d been spying and copying. She will boast about doing this. she claims she was falsely accused of leaking content from the private forum, but as far as I know that isn’t the only rule of membership in any LL.

    In fact, before she was removed, she had this to say about the leader of the VCA LL group: “…for being such a troublemaking bitch that no one wants you around.
    It must really suck not to be able to access the sites where the history of all your bitchiness and drama is preserved for the rest of us to read.”

    That was what she expressed to a member of the VCA LL, and she wonders why so many of the other members of the VCA LL demanded she be removed from the entire site. There isn’t one single mention, in the entire rant and rampage (in post # 12 here http://www.bcadultfun.com/forum/showthread.php?662-What-happened/page2 ) of her complaining about being a victim of anyone at any time.

    That claim only came after her removal. When she was removed from the erslist LL, finally, she made the same kind of claims, this time against the leader of that forum, susi. There seems to be a recurring theme here, and it isn’t everyone else.

  3. In post #46 of the bcaf thread, she posts the real reason she attacked. not because she believed any of her accusations, which essentially means she knew they were lies, but because she thought the drama would create traffic. Later, some posts were edited. And now, in spire of all her hard work at creating drama by attacking me, she was banned herself. Now THAT is irony.

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