Susie’s Silence

This is to address Sarah’s false statements on this page

 sarah’s orginal post is in regular text, the rebuttal (truths) are posted in red.

The threads I’ve posted previously are just a small fraction of the evidence I have to prove what I’ve been through, but there’s no point in dredging up more of the past.

There are a few current issues which I do need to address, however.

February 14, 18 & 22, 2014 When the harassment by Katrina and friends began to escalate on the TO forums, I tried contacting Susie again for the first time since the previous fall. I emailed her asking if she would read what was happening on the forums between myself, Katrina and the others.
Sarah, it is true, stalked her victims over to some Toronto sites well before 2014.   There isn’t one single site from east of the rockies that Sarah has joined BEFORE some of them.  Katrina for one is a well established very long time member on one of the sites.    It was Sarah’s intention to follow, set herself up with some degree of credibility (done by making literally thousands of posts and then try to start her ‘I’m the victim’ posts.     Katrina let her do this for a year on caerf without interference, after all, Sarah had been driven off all of the BC and AB boards already, and found no place for her hatred of other sps on cerb, so now she is only on TO boards.  But when Sarah started her BS posts on sp411, someone had to take a stand and speak up for sarah’s many victims, and tell the truth about Sarah.   That is what Sarah considers harassment, the fact that no one will allow her to play the victim, and that they will expose her for the lies she is telling.  They posted links to bcaf, copied text from the bccec report investigation finding Sarah guilty of slander, and more.    Others joined to talk about Sarah’s unforgiveable exposure of the posts by sps in private forums.  No one allowed Sarah to pretend to be anything other than she is: an aggressive bully who makes libelous statements about innocent people.   

I let her know that they’d been mentioning her name and Linda Malcolm’s while attacking me and encouraging others to pile on, and were publicly propagating the lie that they’d been successful in their efforts to have a Peace Bond issued against me as a result of Linda’s investigation, which was based on Susie’s report. That lie was first posted anonymously on another forum, then repeated by Katrina/sunshine.Sarah at no time has ever actually been able to quote or copy any remark made by Katrina or anyone else specifically saying that they know that Sarah was issued with a Peace ‘Bond.  In fact above she refers to an ‘anonymous’  post, but doesn’t even bother to quote or copy that supposed post.   in fact, at no time has anyone said that she was.   In fact, the only thing anyone has ever said publicly (or in a private forum) was that they were told that she was issued one, by LM.    On more than one occasion, someone has actually asked if it was issued, because they didn’t know for sure.  Sarah has clung to this and repeated it so many times she probably believes it to be true, but at no time has anyone ever confirmed that it happened, so whenever it has been mentioned it has always been a question or a speculation.  In fact, afaik, LM was the only one to bring it up, to Sarah’s victims when they reported Sarah to LM, that this was going to be a possible solution, should they choose to pursue it.     Sarah should be thanking these women for NOT insisting on a Peace bond.
I thought maybe Susie would believe my previous allegations of bullying if she witnessed it still happening, unprovoked, at the present time.
Since susi did not speak up in any way, what does that tell everyone about what she concluded about this socalled ‘unprovoked’ bullying now?   Exactly what you would expect, wondering why Sarah is provoking people.    It turns out now we see why she was stalking and provoking people, so she could finally get the ‘evidence’ she is convinced is online now.  The posts and statements of her victims who are no longer wiling to stay quiet, and have posted the truth and exposed her.   this is what she calls ‘malicious intent’ and ‘defamation’.  The truth to her, because it is unpleasant and unwelcome and makes her carefully constucted online ‘status’ questionable.

I described how Katrina mocked my efforts to stop B57 and other internet trolls from outing and harassing industry members, preferring to concentrate on destroying my reputation and credibility instead.This is a complete and utter lie.   There are no posts whatsoever that she can refer to to support this malicious lie.    Katrina is very well known for putting trolls in their place as well as reacting to outing and harassment of members.   In fact, it is Sarah that continuously insists on ‘outing’ and harassing Katrina, but continuously and maliciously using sp name with handle, on and off sites that do not allow unpaid advertisers to show their sp names.   She has been reported for this malicious ‘outing’ multiple times, and yet continues to get away with it.   This is a completely evil thing to do to any sp, and she should be ashamed to call herself a defender of sps.   

In my next email I thanked her for joining two of the TO forums, told her that I’d been posted on The Dirty, pointed out how Tara had bumped the link on vca the day after I resumed advertising on perb, and gave her some other links to look at.
It is very obvious that Sarah is using this post to link in the minds of the reader that she is blaming Tara for the post about Sarah on The Dirty.  She is also attributing malicious intent to a thread bump on VCA, a thread that she doesn’t bother to link in this blog post so that the reader would know that it had nothing to do with Sarah, or even could be remotely linked to Sarah.  And in fact, Tara at the time thought it was a recent thread, and added a comment not knowing she was bumping such an old thread.     In other words, not everything other people do is about you Sarah.

I asked her again if we could lay aside our differences and work together for the good of the industry, pointing out the work I’d been doing on my own, and Katrina, Anita and Tara’s interference again.

I reminded her that I hadn’t posted anything negative about her since the last time we interacted on perb, and asked for the same respect, as I advocated for the industry in my own right.

I told her again that this would be a good opportunity for her to make a powerful positive first impression on the TO market, as she’d never posted on most of the TO forums before.
In fact, Sarah has no clue about what susi does or doesn’t do back east, because she doesn’t do any kind of research other than stalking her prior victims.   Susi has been a long time member of cerb, and had no need to be introduced to the Ontario community, outside of cerb.  If she had time and interest in posting on such sites, she didn’t need sarah to introduce them to her.

In my last email to her I told her that I was doing my best to keep her from being attacked by the TO bullies who frequently harass, defame and ‘out’ industry members, and let her know that no matter how much crap was posted about the issues between her and I, I would not retaliate by attacking her in order to defend myself.
The reader will notice that Sarah offers no proof that susi had been attacked or harassed or defamed by any TO bullies.   In fact, she claims to be doing something to protect susi, who was not in any danger in the first place, and not one person stepped up to say anything other than nice things about her.    This is yet another blatant lie.    Then she goes on to say she wouldn’t retaliate by attacking her, even tho crap was posted about their issues.   Wrong again.  What was posted were the things Sarah said to susi, and that susi replied reminding Sarah that at no time was Sarah ever found innocent of defamation and bullying of her victims.  Sarah continues even now to blame susi for this.   Sarah and the TO boards were simply exposed to the truth, that Sarah was not the victim she claimed to be, but found guilty of aggressively attacking and lying about these sps.

If you search my posts, you will see that until the writing of this blog, I kept my promise, no matter how difficult it was to keep quiet.

I received no replies to my emails, no support in my efforts to stop cybercriminals from outing industry members, no speaking up to declare the truth and refute the lies posted by Katrina, Tara, Vanessa, Anita and others, no help, no nothing, nowhere, not a word.

This is because the posts by these people were not lies.  susi can hardly come to the defense of someone who is being exposed by her victims, victims who are only telling the truth.  Some of those truths posted were actually quotes of Sarah’s own words.   And yet she continues to call them liars, even now, knowing that calling people who are telling the truth ‘liars’ is defamatory and libelous?   Where is the proof that what they posted are lies?   She can’t provide even copies of what they posted, because she knows she can’t prove they are lies.   
I still support Susie and the work she does as an advocate on behalf of the industry, but I can no longer keep quiet about her lack of concern for the way I’ve been treated by her friends and co-workers, and about her lack of accountability for the wrongs she has committed against me herself.

Unfortunately, Susie is one of those whose behaviour I’ve reported to the RCMP, and I’m asking for an official investigation into her conduct by some of the organizations she represents. I know this will upset a lot of people, but no one is above the law or immune from the consequences of breaking it.

Sarah again lies.  One of her victims has contacted RCMP to find out about this socalled ‘report’.  It doesn’t exist.  Not one of the people she claims have been ‘reported’ have ever been contacted by LE, and the RCMP do not have anything on file from her, or about these people she continues to lie about.    If that is a lie, what else is she lying about.  
Susi has not once broken the law.  Sarah has and continues to do so.  It is against the law to stalk, harass and lie about people on the internet.  She would do well to remember, or at least start reading and understand the things she copies and posts about defamation and bullying.    

It’s time others stood up and speak up against Sarah’s continued harassment of these women, and men, who continue to be her victims.   It’s past time to stop being afraid of the backlash that will come from her when she goes on one of her rampages.    She had access to the private sp lounge on for over a month.   God only knows what secrets posted by Ontario sps she has copied and saved, to be used at a later date?    She has a history of doing this, there is no reason not to believe she will do it to them as well.

We tried to warn them, the warnings fell on deaf ears.   Don’t let these sites pretend not to hear you.   She’s still on 3 or 4 sites, it is time to get her off the last western site, perb, and the other toronto sites before she can do any more damage.


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