(1st) Letter from Sarah

Jul 25, 2013
Dear Tara
,I was deeply saddened and disappointed to see your posts in the vca shoutbox yesterday. I was sad to see you humiliate and OUT YOURSELF as a TROLL like that again.The only people who were upset about the Dear Troll thread, or the Cybercrime Solutions threads I’ve posted on forums all across Canada, are the GUILTY ONES – your little band of buddies.

The only women who are afraid of me are you and your buddies and the few ladies you’ve turned against me. The many women who PM and email me, thanking me for speaking up, for posting legal info, and for giving them hope, aren’t afraid of me.

In fact, numerous sps have discussed Sarah, and many of them state they are afraid to post due to the backlash.   In fact, admin of at least 3 sites agreed that the Dear Troll thread, and others, had no place on their sites, deleted them and banned Sarah from posting.  Those sites include Vancityads, erslist, and Canadaadultfun and its sister site bcadultfun.    
1. Linda Malcolm drove out to Chilliwack and we had a long conversation about my issues with you.2. She informed me that the complaint filed against me by you and the other SP’s based on Susie’s report, has been investigated and dropped, AND MY NAME HAS BEEN CLEARED.
In fact, in email and phone call, independent parties have confirmed that Linda Malcolm did not clear Sarah’s name of anything.   

3. She has all the EVIDENCE PROVING that I am the victim, not you. I am not totally innocent but I’ve already admitted and apologized for my part repeatedly.

4. Linda was the one that suggested I research and publish helpful legal info for SP’s, so it’s unwise for you and your buddies to oppose me when I post those threads.

See # 2 it is doubtful LM has or said any of the things claimed in 2 and 3.    Certainly LM has NEVER contacted any single one of Sarah’s victims to indicate that LM considered Sarah the victim.  In fact LM denies telling Sarah anything of the sort.   

5. Linda approves of my hiring a lawyer and pursuing civil litigation against the 5 SP’s I have named to my lawyer, and agrees that this is a viable alternative for SP’s who have legal issues.

That is probably a complete fabrication.   What LM did say, to Sarah’s victims, is that she didn’t consider this a criminal harassment case, but that we had enough evidence to pursue a civil case against Sarah, if we so chose to  do.  

6. My Dear Troll thread was addressed to all trolls in general, but the real specific troll I had in mind is a guy from Toronto that you know nothing about. I am not out for revenge, only justice for myself and many others. In case you missed my signature, the letter was signed on behalf of many other victims.

7. Do you realize the legal consequences of your recent posts, added to the evidence I already have? Do you realize your posts were full of LIES and DEFAMATORY LIBEL, statements that were made with CLEAR MALICE intended to harm me? You just gave me sufficient grounds to file a formal complaint and have you investigated by Vice, along with continuing to pursue civil litigation.

Sarah, once again, confuses defamation with the truth, because the truth is unflattering and exposes her.   The reader of her blog will figure this out for themselves.   Defamation doesn’t mean unpleasant or unflattering, it means that something posted is a complete lie.   Telling people that Sarah was proven to have lied about her claims about her victims is not libelous.  The proof has been posted, in the Conflict Resolution document.  It is irrefutable, and Sarah’s victims are certainly permitted to quote from it, refer to it, and use it in their own statements about Sarah.  That isn’t libel, it is truth.

How do you think LE will view your comments publicly mocking me for admitting your prior harassment had driven me to the point of contemplating suicide? I’m way beyond that now, but if I was ever to off myself, you guys would be facing some pretty serious criminal charges. You might want to research the last couple of year’s media articles on that topic.

Sarah is confused here again.   She knows that only one person posted in the shout box in a mocking way, but she copy/pasted one email for 5 different people.   The fact is, this part here, was not meant to be directed at myself (Tara), but another person.   So again, this is a complete lie, to include this in an email to me.   And yes, it is bizarre to send out the same email with minor changes to 5 different people.   

8. You and your little band of buddies are yesterday’s news. You’re so arrogant and self involved that you assume you’re the motive for every thread I post. Get over yourselves.

Just wanted to point out, does that sound like someone suffering from thoughts of suicide, or on the brink?  Does it sound like someone who considers themselves a victim of harassment?  Because that post there, is very very typical of her style of posting to many different people for years.   And why she is not considered someone other sps even want to get to know better.

Thousands of SP’s are being educated about getting legal help through the threads I’ve posted. While you’ve been busy plotting against review boards, I’ve spent the last three years getting to know them, making friends, building trust and now I’m a respected writer and contributor all across the country with sticky informational threads on almost every forum. I have respect and credibility with people at the top of the industry and dozens of people watching my back all day every day, on every forum.
You will notice her say this time and again “plotting against review boards”.  As someone pointed out to her, so ‘we’ are plotting against the same boards that we use to advertise on?   That makes sense?   The Conflict Resolution document also reports that they found no evidence of any such plot by any of the named sps.   It is a bizarre and false claim by a bizarre and false accuser.   

Now would be a really good time for you to consider writing an apology to me.

May God have mercy on your soul.


It’s fine for her to spread false rumors and outright lies about me everywhere, but when I call her on them,  then I’m the one who is supposed to be sorry for calling a liar a liar.  Fat chance.  The best I was able to do along the way was counter her lies as I found them or they were brought to my attention on various sites.   She made claims about how much research she put into the Resources post she was so proud of, yet could not do even the most preliminary research before posting lies everywhere about me.  Such as saying I was a leader of the ladies lounge (an easy thing to disprove by anyone doing even the most preliminary queries on the subject).  To surmise and assume things about me without doing even the most basic research and then posting them as facts everywhere is not my idea of someone who should be proud of her research skills.  She left a big mess for all of us to clean up and continues to do so.  It is like having a two year old loose on the fair ground indefinitely and if I told her to F off in the shout box when she jumped into my convo with someone, who would blame me if they knew what lies she had spread about me on so many sites for so long.To this day, I have no way of knowing exactly what it was that I was supposed to have seen that would rise to the level of bullying.    Her lame attempts to blame me for everything she thought was wrong with conflicts she had with others in the vca LL are just ridiculous and without merit of any kind.   To trash my handle in her Bully post as she did based on supposition and assumptions was completely irresponsible and inexcusable.  Her announcement that she “agonized” over doing so was nothing more than an absolute insult to the intelligence of anyone reading the nonsense she ultimately posted.  Clearly I was not about to go round changing handles I had on other sites so that people could “stick up” for me.  My reputation as a responsible poster was not that easily tarnished that some silly person like her could convince people that  I had suddenly become a bully overnight.  For those who didn’t know me or my reputation, it was a concern and I did make every attempt to post the truth when the men were repeating lies they’d been told.  But few sites would permit further discussion on the matter and were banning handles and IP addresses of anyone trying to enlighten them.  My handle on bcaf was banned when attempts were made to post the truth.  What handle is used to clear up the lies should not matter so long as the truth being posted can be verified (which it easily could have).  But a major issue was made about who was behind the handle doing the posting when it is the truth that should matter, not who posts it. Nothing I posted was rude or ban worthy, but the fact that I was countering the lies that had been told to people there was enough to result in an IP ban.   Since that handle was used in the above “apology” to me, clearly she knew who was doing the posting and resented having me around to clear up some of the nasty rumours that, until I showed up on bcaf,  were being believed by many.

My post #27 in the lunch thread on vca which follows is proof of what I posted.  Ms. Sarah’s name was not mentioned.   There were various posts in the thread, none of which match what Sarah has been claiming, not even her own.   

[quote]I won’t be attending this get together, but so far they have all been a joyful time for everyone and hope this one is the same.[/quote]

 I most certainly did not go around telling anyone not to attend.   However, a number of ladies contacted me regarding a particularly vile post Ms. Sarah did on Perb to another lady which was an unprovoked attack.  The comment was very rude and insulting and caused many, myself included, to have no interest in socializing with anyone who would do a post like that to someone  to demean and insult.  If that post had an effect on how many attended the vca lunch, it would not surprise me.  The post was promptly removed by the Perb admin, but the damage was done and few wanted to be in the same room with Sarah after that.

Instead of acknowledging her own part in the lack of attendance at the lunch, Sarah started claiming I was telling people not to attend because she would be there.  A complete lie to cover up the fact that she herself caused people to shun her.   She was becoming known for unprovoked attacks, but this particular one came just prior to the lunch that was scheduled to take place.   Many saw the post before it was removed and were very offended by it even tho it was directed at someone else.

The Conflict Resolutions document was posted in the Perb Announcements section and the matter should have been put to rest.   A Peace Bond would not be necessary although it was something being considered at the time the Bully post appeared on two review sites.   A complete report was given by all named parties in the Bully post to Linda Malcom who did visit Ms. Sarah.    No one has ever to my knowledge claimed that a Peace Bond was served, but we have discussed it publicly questioning whether or not anyone knew for sure if it was or not.

After the Conflict Resolutions document was posted, and the visit by Linda Malcolm, Sarah continued to push the boundaries.   She posted the Resources document anywhere she could and further annoying those falsely accused because it was presented by the very person who had caused so many to spend so much time countering her lies for so many months on so many different sites.   The fact that she continued to post as if she was the wronged party only aggravated those she had falsely accused even more.   It did get removed from the VCA site and she was ultimately banned thanks largely to her own posts trashing VCA and the owner.

If anyone actually reads her blog, they will see all the credibility gaps and unsubstantiated claims for themselves.  It is blatantly apparent that she continues to make false claims that her own blog shows to be totally untrue.   I’ve just pointed out some of the most obvious ones here.To say I’m very tired of pointing out all the obvious lies she tells so easily is an understatement.   She has no respect whatsoever for telling the truth about events and being determined to trash the reputations of others in order to make herself look like a bully victim is disgusting when there are so many genuine victims out there.
She has made a lot of bold claims and statements, but look carefully.   Does she back up any of those claims with actual evidence?  Links to where these events occured?  Copies or quotes of these alleged comments and posts?   Or does she simply make a statement, and expect you to believe it, on her say so.    Anyone can make a claim, backing it up with proof is another story.    This blog and the statements on it, are the back up for the rebuttals being made to the posts on Sarah’s defamatory blog.   

And the reader should know, the only thing her victims have ever asked for, and this is in the CR document as well, is a public post showing their innocence, and a public apology and retraction by Sarah.   And this is what we’ve gotten from her: continued and persistent harassment, defamation, lies, libel and continuously pretending to be a victim of others.  No accountability, no responsibility, no remorse, and no apology.  So far all we’ve seen are more accusations and insults disguised as an apology:


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