Bully me this, Bully me that

The only thing worse than a bully is someone who claims she is being bullied and provides no proof of it and covers up the lack of evidence of it with more lies.   When put to the test to provide evidence, after trashing and smearing the handles of those she dislikes for whatever reason, she comes up with the the lame explanation that well you must have seen me being bullied in a ladies lounge so that makes you a bully.  No it does not and spreading more lies to cover up the lack of evidence only promotes more hostility and animosity such as is seen in the blog by Ms. Sarah.

As a member of the vca ladies lounge and the only “leader” attribute I had was that I was leading in reputation points of all the ladies on the vca site, she felt that entitled her to trash me as a bully.    As you will see from her own blog, that much became apparent in a post on a site that no longer exists, but I posted about it in the erslist ladies lounge (a copy of which she posts in her own blog), so it is on record that because she thought there was something in the LL that rose to the level of being bullied, anyone who saw it must also be a bully.  I never saw anything that would even come close to what she claims was posted (and soon removed), however, that is how I came to be named as a bully by Sarah.

My reference post:

[quote]Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:12 am
Now Ms. Sarah has the audacity to post to me accusing me of standing around watching her get bullied and did nothing.  Link no longer live.
http://www.cerf.ca/forum/showthread.php … volunteers
I did no such thing and Van Wilder can read the ladies lounge there and would not tolerate it there or on the main site. How much time I spend on the VCA site is my own business and it doesn’t imply I have to monitor every conflict on the site either. I am not a baby sitter there and to imply that I am, is ridiculous.

She is so hard up for things to object to about me that now she demands to know why I use different handles on the various sites as if I must of necessity have some evil reason for doing so. I almost never post on those sites and the handles were not made with the idea of posting with them at the time. My working name is used by several others and I don’t want to be confused with them by anyone reading reports about them in the Lounges as one of them used to work in my own area as well (one such “fake pictures” problem even on this site which meant I needed to change my handle so readers don’t think the person being talked about is me).

Ms. Sarah needs to get a life and stop running around trying to find evil intent in everything other people do or don’t do.

It was a hard one for me to defend since at the time I was trying to comply with the rules of the site in not repeating what was or was not said in the vcaLL.  Some posts I only heard about later and seemed to be about some efforts to have the rules complied with, but regardless, if there was anything in there that Ms.Sarah interpreted as being bullied, every member (over a hundred ladies) would have seen it, not just me, yet she names me because I was active on the site generally and had the highest rep points of the ladies at the time.  That bothered her enough to classify me as a leader and therefore responsible for the activities in the LL whether I saw the posts or not.  To then proceed and bad mouth me on two review sites based on supposition and speculation and surmising things is not only totally irresponsible, but caused me to be very enraged at the audacity of it.



[quote]The cyberbullying by Anita, Katrina, Brandi, Tara and others on vancityads started in early 2012. It began in their private SP forum where Katrina (Classy Sweet) was the Moderator. Tara, Anita and Brandi were also very active in leading/bullying the lounge. I spoke up in defence of men and women they were harassing, defaming and bullying, and was eventually banned from the forum in February of 2012. They accused me of sharing confidential forum info which I did not do. I did copy threads from the lounge, but there was no rule stating this was not allowed.[/quote]

I made no posts to Sarah in the vcaLL or anywhere else for that matter.  Any efforts others may have been making to enforce the rules of the LL or discuss disputes with Sarah were none of my concern really.  One dispute I learned of that may or may not have been discussed in the LL was that an entire ad got removed, because Sarah was belittling other sps in the Okanogan.   VCA doesn’t allow defamatory posts about other providers, and one of the posters made the mistake of posting right in the ad, rather than simply reporting it. Not only would that not rise to the level of bullying (enforcing rules is not the same thing as bullying obviously, lol) and would hardly be justification for smearing handle names everywhere.  Just absurb!  To say I was enraged by the absurd claims I bullied her would be an understatement.  Even after her claims were investigated and found to be baseless, she continued to offer up one lame excuse after the other for the fact that she had no evidence of her claims whatsoever and that was because it never happened and not because she or someone else deleted it all as she later claimed in an effort to save face for herself clearly.  She just assumed you could lie all you want to on the internet and it will be believed without question.  Sadly, to a large extent it was, at least for awhile until people started to wise up and see all the credibility gaps in her claims.  People were getting fed up with the nonsense and interpreting every angry post over the situation hardly was evidence of bullying or “criminal behaviour”. 

Many people were starting to see how little respect sarah has for the truth about things.  Particularly when they saw  posts saying that because we didn’t all sue her for libel and defamation that we must be guilty of bullying her as she claimed.  The cost of taking that kind of action is way beyond what any of us wanted to spend on baseless claims and so we did the best we could to counter her in any way we could on the forums.  Site owners were fed up with it all and wouldn’t permit us to submit any kind of defense on the forums so most of it was dealt with in the erslistLL where she wouldn’t face us with any specific event, never mind submit any proof of her claims.  Even reading her own blog one can see how her claims I bullied her were clearly trumped up:


For her to classify me as a bully in print on two sites on Oct. 22nd (2012) is absurd particularly when it was only the 13th of October when she posted this:

Quoted relevant part of post #40 in the vca Lounge (heading: Re: VCAA#6 Lunch in Fraser ValleyOctober 24th):
Sorry you won’t be there Tara, as I’ve read so many nice things about you and was looking forward to finally meeting you.[/quote]

Are readers to believe that I somehow became a bully between the 13th and 22nd of October or does she want them to believe I bullied her all year, but she was still looking forward to finally meeting me?

Now she makes the ridiculous claim in her blog (http://mssarahspeaksup.blogspot.ca/2014/04/conflict-resolution-exercise.html)
that because I used my tbroughton10 handle to post in the ers forums, that nobody could find any evidence of my bullying her for that reason.   It doesn’t occur to her that not once did she ever make the claim that someone with that handle bullied her so why would anyone be looking for evidence of it under that handle?  Absurd of course.  When you trump up the claim you are bullied by Tara then I guess you need to trump up the same claim with any other handles that person might use just to be sure your lies to trash them don’t have any glaring credibility gaps  in them is the message she is sending whether she realizes it or not.

Her own blog shows the reader how easily she lies.  


[quote]Minutes after I posted it, Anita, Tara, Van Wilder and vancouverman began to mock me, in their public chat shoutbox, for admitting that they’d driven me to the verge of suicide.[/quote]

Nowhere in that transcript do I make any reference to her having made suicide remarks.  I was discussing the Resources post with someone in the shout box.  I was offended that the very person who had smeared my name everywhere for no valid reason was now posting an article on all the options one has when someone (like her) defames you and posts libelous statements about you everywhere.  She jumped into my conversation with that person and I told her to F off  and why I did is pretty clear too.  I was enraged that the same person who had lied about me everywhere was now pretending to be some big authority on how to deal with such people (she later posted that I should just get over myself that the post had nothing to do with me which just goes to show the reader how indifferent she was to the misery she caused myself and so many others).

She then follows up that encounter with an email that would be funny if it wasn’t so indicative of how obnoxious this person can be.   Needless to say I would not reply to such nonsense and Linda Malcolm states in an email to me(available upon request) that Sarah’s name was indeed NOT CLEARED as she states here):


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