Cute Angie’s Story

Note:  My comments are in red, Sarah’s comments are in black.
Angie here retired, I have never been blackmailed, Sarah has contacted clients thinking they could get me to say something for her., on her behalf. Our email and pm exchanges for her investigation she had no proof. She would expose me as a liar and post all if I did not. A few hours later she did post all in a ladies lounge. It was me supporting her until I put things together than over and over asked to be left out. My pms and emails did nothing by the way to prove her right they had nothing to do with it was found about her accusations. Retired pretty much now asked to be taken off perb finally I am, trying to get off CAF and BCAF, I am on VCA all pics and info removed. I am going on in life. 
Sarah lies and has made things bigger than they are. She has done this to herself. I hope that this ends soon, I am so sorry susi and all ladies have to deal with this, Sarah I hope she can wake up and see what she has done ruining people. As for her life again she has done it to her self and causes her own grief as she is not mentally stable and delusional and is living in her world. Her heart condition perhaps stop and relax is what she needs to do. I was in hospital a few months back first few days not sure if my heart was strong enough I almost died it was serious and scary here I am happy as always and positive. Do not judge someone until you have walked in there shoes.
 Best of luck I support the ladies bottom line would like to see Sarah get professional help Mental Health.
ok I have always asked Sarah and the other ladies to keep me out of this. I wish no grief on anyone. I am busy, I have a family. I do have one of the messages sent to a client of mine from Sarah. Sarah does not know this man and has never met him or spoken to him until November 24, 2012 and then never again. I will organize what I have to prove her wrong. I am busy with work and school and do not have much time or any actually to be posting. But what I see is just wrong. So more to come by next week or so I am busy and best get back to studies. Oh I also asked sarah to take me out of her blog. I am still in there. I will post what I have Susi can contact me if needed and that will be all I am too busy but yes justice has to be heard. Past is the past let it go.
From Sarahs blog more untruths and assumpthions
From Ms Sarah Speaks up Blog.
There are always 2 sides to a story and if I am mentioned in any even though retired and it is not hurting me, I am not and far from a bad and sad story for Sarah. Sarah I do not dislike you I know you are reading this. I just think you need to say sorry publically and admit your wrongs. Sarahs are bolded in black my comments to this in red. You are causing yourself grief and others and this would not last a day in court. You have mixed so many things up and twisted it around putting words in others mouth and only your side. I know you will copy this by all means do if you wish, I am not a bully and I am not bully anyone. I like honesty your blog is how you see things and full of untruths that I know of.

From Sarah’s blog:  By this time, I already knew exactly why Tara refused to attend the lunch and that she was discouraging others from attending. I guess she missed the obvious sarcasm in my post. I have an email from Angie telling me that the remainder of the lunch plans had to be made and kept in secret due to the harassment and intimidation of Tara and the other bullies.

OK you are assuming that you knew why Tara refused the lunch. You know unless she had a ride from downtown she could never make the trip anyways. Please Sarah show us this email, you are assuming again, did I ever say I am going to keep it private due to harassment and humiliation?. I still have that email as well. And I do not think Tara and others are bullies, nor have I ever said they were. Another example Sarah is in her own world.

Sarah: In early October of 2012 I had PM’d Van Wilder, the Admin of vca, asking for his help in resolving the escalating situation with the women on his site and got no reply. He finally replied on October 23, 2012 trying to pressure me to attend the vca social event being hosted by Angie the next day.

He also called and talked to me about the bullies, pressuring me again to attend the social. I still have his phone number to prove that he gave it to me. I refused to attend the lunch because I was very stressed from the harassment, and honestly afraid to meet people who hated me so much, in person. I was also afraid of having my picture taken and my face and identity being outed online.

Did I say I was harassed and intimidated. N0 I did not and no I did not feel that way. You are twisting stories here. That is not true. Correct me if I am wrong but I wanted it private so no one knows the plans not even you. And I, Angie stated no real names or pictures and cameras allowed as all parties are that way and there are many to vouch that that is how they run. It is posted right in the messages and threads and private pms Sarah  has posted on her blog.

Sarah:  During this phone conversation he also offered me the position of Moderator in the vca private SP forum, but I refused.

LOL, Sarah this is total hearsay and your word again posted and your mind. Now if you had recorded conversation ok. But then that could get you in a real big mess. Hear say is what it is.



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