Response to Ms. Sarah’s Blog Post…….. “Isn’t it Ironic?”

Regular text is Ms.Sarah “Speaking up”. Bolded text is a response to her post.


If you’re a new reader to my blog, please see my posts on April 17 for an introduction to myself, and the purpose of my writing.

Alanis Morissette wrote a great song called, ‘Isn’t it Ironic?’.

Isn’t it ironic that the cyberbullies who’ve been harassing me, and the websites where it’s been allowed it to happen the most, are now the ones largely responsible for spreading my blog link?

Blatant lie #1: The truth is that Sarah posted it in her signature line on at least two sites that we know of, plus as a post on the getsomesuga site, as well as heavily promoting it herself on those sites. Her victims however, once they were aware of this blog, informed others who may end up suffering for having their own posts/comments done in private messages, emails and/or private forum posting revealed to the general public.

That Sarah boasts and gloats about what she has done, and continues to deny the damage she has done to these victims is pathological.

I deliberately didn’t post the link on my personal website or in my ads, because no potential client is interested in the ‘drama’.

See #1, this is a blatant lie. She had it in her signature on various sites, the same sites she posts ads on. If potential clients wouldn’t be interested in the drama, then why promote it in her obviously advertising posts on these sites?

From looking at my blog Stats page, I can tell which sites and threads have directed the most traffic to my blog.

I can even tell which sites have transmitted the blog link by Private Message.


Well, this isn’t stalkerish at all. She makes this claim, but fails to say what sites, and where the pms were occuring and we are supposed to just take her word for it. because so far she’s been so honest about everything?

Even more fascinating to see the women who are guilty of cyberbullying me using my blog in their own defense! They are so blind to their own criminal behaviour, that they still can’t recognize their own mistakes when confronted with a written record of their exact words. I purposely haven’t edited spelling or grammatical errors, and what you see posted here is exactly how it appeared when they originally wrote it.

She provides no proof that any of her victims are using the blog in their own defense. She also fails to notice that in all her accusations about defamation, she is still unable to recognize the difference between the truth and defamation. She has posted pretending to be a victim, and gets called out about it. She has been exposed as to the hateful emails and private messages she sends, filled with hate and libelous accusations. She still thinks these victims should just roll over and accept it. She has no proof, in spite of copying and pasting private messages, emails, and private forum content, and yet she is using that to defend her own actions?

In their comments about me over the last 6 months, all they’ve able to do is regurgitate the same lies they’ve been posting for 2 years, and you’ll notice that they have nothing recent to quote proving I’m bullying them or instigating drama – because there is nothing.

She pretends to be a victim, and her real victims got fed up, especially when it was clear she was stalking them, following them from site to site, and trying to use the back channels to undermine their reputations on those sites, and her victims stood up and told her, flat out, they weren’t going to be bullied by her anymore. She has an issue with the fact they stood up to her publicly, all of their posts and comments were completely true, but because she found them to be unflattering to the image she put out in public, she calls it defamation. Again, redefining the word defamation doesn’t mean that what was said about her was untrue. All of the comments were supported with posts by other victims, as well as posts in her own words. Is she now denying the things she said and did?

Even if no one believed my original allegations of bullying and harassment by these women, when you compare their behaviour over the last 6 months with mine, it’s crystal clear who the bullies are – and it’s not me.

You cannot possibly compare victims standing up to more stalking and victimization by their attacker with what happened before. When first accused by Sarah, the victims had done nothing against her at all. When first accused, they didn’t even fight back they chose to go a legal route and thru arbitration/investigation . When they were cleared of any wrong doing, they continued to keep on the high road. However, over time, it became clear that in spite of the evidence, the reports, the investigation, in spite of being contacted by LE on their behalf, their bully wasn’t letting it go. She had a taste for blood and she wasnt’ going to allow them to carry on with their lives, and stop making false accusations about them. She carried on, she did more, and her efforts ended up getting her banned from bcaf, CAF and vancityads, and threads deleted from erslist as well. She was removed from erslist LL this time, and in retaliation, all the posts she had copied were sent to review site admin

Except this time she could hardly claims she ‘didn’t know’ that copying and sharing LL content was against the rules.

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Why this blog?

 Why have you decided to respond back at all? Isn’t it best to ignore these types of people?

Why has she not been able to drop issues that are several years old and why does she think that she can continue to harass others without retribution? She seems obsessed.

Why does she continue to target and harass a group of women she has never personally met and lives over 100 km away?

What makes Sarah a lying bitch? What has she done now?

Is it really because of her that the Ladies Lounge was shut down?

Sarah continues to play the victim, even comparing herself to Amanda Todd, who was an actual victim. Todd did nothing to warrant the actions against her. She played no role in trying to recruit others to join her “crusade”.

Some people drop it and try to start over. Not Sarah, Sarah does it a second time, just to make you feel like a real fool for trusting her again.

If her story is only half truth, is it considered a lie?

This is a terrible story of “what came first”….

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